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Aug 6, 2016


Bro Sinhala Cartoon - හිරෙන් පැනීමේ 11,12 වෙනි මෙහෙයුම්

Bro Sinhala Cartoon - හිරෙන් පැනීමේ 11, 12 වෙනි මෙහෙයුම්

In 1880, the story begins with Jesse James, who idolizes and tries to emulate Robin Hood, but somehow he is not able to clearly define the line between the rich he is supposed to rob and the poor he is supposed to help. With the help of his Shakespeare aficionado brother Frank, he therefore simply redefines the term "poor" for his own benefit, and along with Cole Younger the two begin robbing trains en masse, forcing Lucky Luke to move out and stop them with the somewhat inept assistance of two Pinkerton detectives.

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