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Jan 8, 2014


Dosthara Honda Hitha


The series is loosely based on the books by Hugh Lofting, as well as the 1967 film of the same name which center around Dosthara Honda Hitha, an animal doctor who has the ability to talk to animals. Dosthara Honda Hitha travels around the world by ship to help out any sick animal in need. He is aided in his missions by his first mate, young sailor Tommy Stubbins, who can also talk to animals. Tommy who was apparently taught how to talk to animals by Honda Hitha share the ship with its animal crew, which includes

    Chimp - The cabin monkey.
    Dab-Dab - A duck who is also the ship's cook.
    Peththappu -
    The Pushmi-Pullyu - A llama which has two heads (one of each) at opposite ends of its body. It serves as the ship's lookout.
    Too-Too - The wise owl.
    Dadoriya - The Hound Dog.

The series' other notable characters are George and the Grasshoppers (a rock group of grasshoppers that lives inside Dosthara Honda Hitha's medicine case). At one point during each episode of the series, the group would launch into a rock or pop song, popping the sides of the medicine case open and using it like a stage, with Dosthara Honda Hitha's bottles of pills and medicines glowing and flashing into different psychedelic colors behind the group as they sang.

Wherever the Dosthara Honda Hitha's ship was, Pirate Island is never far behind. A disguised submarine, Pirate Island is actually the stronghold of Sam Scurvy and his pirate crew:

    Chaw Chaw - A hulking dimwit pirate with an eye patch over his good eye.
    Zig-Zag - An uptight Frenchman.
    Nico - An Italian pirate.
    Miko - A Chinese pirate.

The pirates dress in an unusual mixture of old-fashioned pirate and gangster gear. Sam Scurvy wears a fedora and a business suit and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. The pirate crew were also a branch of the Democratic Order of Pirates, International, or "DOPI" for short. Sam Scurvy has one goal in life: world domination. He believes that if he can get the secret to talking to animals from Dosthara Honda Hitha, he will be able to raise an army of "creepy creatures" to help him take over the world. By using his eavesdropping device the Sneaky Snorkel, Scurvy gets wind of Dosthara Honda Hitha's latest missions and then plots to hinder, disrupt, or even kidnap the Doctor in order to force him to reveal how he is capable of talking to animals. However, due to Dosthara Honda Hitha's skills as well as the pirates' ineptitude, they never succeed.

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