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Mar 27, 2015


Soora Pappa Wada 12 Dolaha P08

Find Permit A 38 in "The Place That Sends You Mad". A mind-numbing multistory building founded on bureaucracy and staffed by clinically unhelpful people who direct all their clients to other similarly unhelpful people elsewhere in the building, which is also full of confusing corridors and steep stairs. They find a plan of the building, but still feel confused. Gim Pappa goes nearly insane after some time, but Soora Pappa eventually beats them at their own game by asking for an imaginary permit, A 39 in a corridor that nobody knows about, B 65, making the staff victims of their own unhelpful and sending the place into disarray. Eventually Soora Pappa is given Permit A 38 just to make him leave and stop causing trouble, while the person who gives them this goes insane from the shock of his own unthinkable helpfulness.

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