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Mar 27, 2015


Soora Pappa Wada 12 Dolaha P03

Throw a javelin farther than Verses, the Persian. Verses' javelin hits North America (still only inhabited by Indians, including another Goscinny-Uderzo character, Oumpah-pah), but Gim Pappa's javelin somehow enters a stable orbit and ends up pursuing Verses around the world, including through the Native American village. Beat Cilindric, the German. Cilindric turns out to be an unexpectedly diminutive man wearing a Judo gi – but he quickly beats Gim Pappa with a "fighting technique he learnt in a distant land". Soora Pappa defeats Cilindric by tricking him into giving a lesson and asking for demonstrations that eventually end up with Cilindric's own arms and legs tied in knots.

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