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Dec 15, 2014


Krishna Kumaruge Kathawa 01

Krishna Kumaru is the darling of Vrindavan, the land of peace and tranquility, which is constantly threatened by the malice of evil king Kamsa. While Krishna Kumaruge Kathawa is busy with his endless pranks and mischiefs accompanied by his friends, Kansa remains restless for he is aware that Krishna Balram Sinhala Cartoon is his nemesis. As in the past, a prophecy had threatened Kansa that his evil reign is over, and a saviour will descend on earth to make Kamsa meet his worst adversity in life, which is his death. The only objective of Kansa's life therefore, was to find his angel of death. krishna sinhala cartoon.

Sworn to see the end of Krishna Kumaru, Kansa relentlessly sends his trusted aids, the ferocious demons to Vrindavan in order to kill Krishna. But Krishna Balram is born to be a saviour as he crushes the deadly demons one after another with heroic poise. Kansa repeatedly fails to recognise that Krishna Kumaru, even as a baby in the lap of His mother is still God or "The Supreme Personality of Godhead".

While the episodes of "Krishna Kumaruge Kathawa Sinhala Cartoons" capture an epic canvas on screen with the colossal battles of good against evil, it never misses to touch the emotional chord of the narrative. While lapping up the affection of his parents and the admiration of the common mass of Vrindavan, Krishna manifests his mesmerising charms with his soulful enchanting flute that compels every living creature to dance to his tunes

Action, adventure, heroic valor, selfless deeds, emotional trysts, mischief... all packaged in a compelling story telling underlines the hallmark of the "Krishna Kumaruge Kathawa" series.

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