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Nov 25, 2014


Wile E. Coyote And Road Runner Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner

Wile E Coyote And Road Runner Run Run Sweet Road Runner

The next scene, we see an ACME LIGHTNING ROD box. Coyote sticks the rod in the ground and puts the female road runner's "body" on the middle of the stick. He then sticks on blue hair and a beak and paints eyes on it. Coyote sticks the female "road runner" on the road and uses a Roadrunner "call," hides behind a rock and holds an axe while he waits for Roadrunner to run by to chop him with the axe. He hears the call and runs right by the female "Roadrunner" as he plants a kiss on it. Coyote misses and chops the ground, and this results in the head from the female roadrunner flying off and hitting Coyote on the head.

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