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Nov 23, 2014


Wile E. Coyote And Road Runner Hot-Rod And Reel!

The Coyote races after the Roadrunner with his new roller skates. When the Roadrunner tries to trip the Coyote, Wile E., in time, leaps in the air and sticks his tongue out at the Roadrunner. Little does he know, he is about to fall of a cliff yet again! He ends up in the ground, with only his feet sticking out, as the wheels fall off one of the skates.

After getting an explosive camera kit, Wile E. prepares for his newest deception. The Roadrunner is intrigued by the signs. When the Roadrunner gets ready for his picture, the gun goes off on the Coyote. As the Roadrunner speeds away, the dazed Wile E. sees the one flaw of his attempt: he forgot to take off the lens cap that was on the entire time.

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