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Nov 23, 2014


Wile E. Coyote And Road Runner Hook, Line And Stinker

Wile E Coyote And Road Runner Hook Line And Stinker

The Coyote, on a cliff, drops a washtub on the Road Runner on the road below, jumps on it and puts a stick of dynamite underneath it. The Road Runner zips up to him. The Coyote goes under the washtub to investigate why the bird isn't there and the dynamite blows up, encasing the Coyote in a tube made from the washtub.

The Coyote hides around a corner to bash the Road Runner with a sledgehammer. But the hammer falls off and the stick bashes the Coyote and chases him into the distance. Birdseed is place on some railroad tracks but a train runs down the Coyote before he can get off the railroad.

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