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Mar 11, 2014


Soora Weera Batta Roll No. 21

Soora Weera Batta Roll No. 21

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Roll No. 21 (or Roll Number 21) is an award winning Indian animated series airing on Cartoon Network India. It first premiered on November 14, 2010. The series is a modern take on Krishna and Kamsa's rivalry. In this version, Kamsa has re-incarnated as Principal Kanishk, the principal of Mathura Anath Ashram (Mathura Orphanage and School) where he is cooking his evil plans to take over Mathura and then the rest of the world. He is supported by his various minions and demons.
The series is known for its visually appealing animation and witty storyline. Also the series takes place in a fictional school and so it supposedly connects with kids of same age. Thus, making it really popular among Indian kids. krishna sinhala cartoon.
In this series, as Kanishk hatches plans to take over the world, he is also joined by an incarnation of Lord Krishna who appears in the school as Kris, a little boy who is a student in the orphanage. And so in each story, we see Kanishk coming up with an evil plan while Kris will do anything to stop him.

Roll No 21 bagged maximum numbers of awards (3 awards) in the Cartoon Network Super Toons Award 2013. A special Republic Day episode aired on Cartoon Network on January 26, 2014. So far, 3 Roll No 21 movies have been made for TV.

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